Buon Giorno friends and family!

Welcome to "Blogging from the Boot", Where you can read all about my adventures spent in Italy. I will be attending the International Culinary Institute for Foreigners in beautiful Costigliole d'Asti. Along the way I will be cooking, eating, learning, and all around submerging myself in the rich and delicious culture of Italy. Mangia Mangia!

International Culinary Institute for Foreigners in Costigliole d'Asti

Sunday, June 20, 2010

rainy sunday

hi everyone

Not too much exciting going on here in Portoscuso. It's rainy so that means no beach :( But I am helping Laura with the rooms since there are 4 people staying in the hotel for a couple of days. Anyway, thought I would post something because I haven't in awhile.

Going to bake a cake for Sabrina's birthday coming up on Thursday. I was thinking chocolate layer cake with white chocolate mousse filling and cream cheese frosting. Any other suggestions??? Ciao for now!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

4 words

4 words....

Are you kidding me???


I'm never eating again

I guess that makes 8.

Monday, June 14, 2010

day off

Yesterday we had a day off and I spent it with the other cook at La Ghinghetta, Sabrina, and her family and friends.

We went to the beach at 10 am and stayed until 5 pm! We had a leisurely lunch and then layed on the beach a little bit more (Don't worry, I am wearing sunscreen!) And then They picked me back up at around 8 to walk around the Girotonno fair that is now in Portoscuso this weekend. It is similar to the one in Carloforte but is a little more "rustic". We ate fantastic fair food and I really got a chance to practice my Italian all day long. There was, however a few awkward silences in the mix, but oh well.

I worked this morning/afternoon and got off around 4. Tried to go to the beach but only spent about 20 minutes as it was really really windy. So, until then I might just take a nap, read a book or something. Ciao everyone!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

First week of stage!

Ciao Tutti!

I have officially been working now for 5 days at the restaurant. I feel like I am helping out a lot here. The beach is beautiful and I feel really happy/peaceful here if not a little lonely.

Tomorrow morning I am going to wake up and go to the little cafe that is right by the hotel for my morning ritual of an espresso and marmalade croissant. Then I will probably lay out at the beach for awhile and come back and cook lunch for me and the front desk clerk, Laura.

Today, Laura gets a phone call from the owner's son and Chef of La Ghinghetta, Luca. He was very concerned that I wasn't eating enough!! I had to assure him that yes, I cook lunch everyday and am getting more than enough to eat ;) It is nice to know that even here in Sardinia and despite the language barriers there are still good people out there. I feel very taken care of here and am happy to do as much as I can to help out. Laura is my first friend here, she speaks perfect English, as well as Italian, French, German, and Arabic!!! She helps me with my Italian by printing out practice sheets for me to study and I return the favour by helping her with cleaning rooms, dusting windows, setting up the dining room or whatever. One of the highlights of my day is also cooking lunch for us and sitting down to chat about various things.

Anyway, that is about it here in Sardinia. I miss you all and will post again soon. Ciao!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

funny story

It might not translate on the web but here goes anyway.....

We were sitting down for family meal tonight, me, the chef and the other cook Sabrina. We had something that resembled the innards of an animal, which one I am not entirely sure. Boar maybe?? Who knows, but I have never seen such a spiny, mushy, intertwined peice of meat in my life.

Now here's the thing, Offal doesn't gross me out. I am down to try anything at least once and I dove right in. The first couple of bites were fantastic, if you are into eating a tepid mound of mystery meat. I obviously didn't want to offend anyone so I stuffed my mouth with bread and took a sip of water after every bite, silently cheering myself on to the last bite. Then, it happens.

A pesky fly decided the land RIGHT in the MIDDLE of my plate for all to see. The chef promptly tells me to dispose of my plate (which was almost effing finished!) and heaps another bounty helping onto a new plate. Boun Appetito!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

1st day os stage and Girotonno!

Tropo Tropo Tropo Tuna

(Too too much)

I have been eating tuna now for four days straight. Some great dishes, some not so great dishes...but Dominick and I came in 1st runner up in the competition right behind Italy so all that tuna was worth it.

It was such a great experience to be able to compete in the Girotonno competition, I was able to meet some important people and I feel like it will be great experience in my career to come. I am obviously very ecstatic for our team to be recognized as 1st runner up as well.

So, the competition concluded, my Dad had to go back home (sad face) and now I am here all alone in a tiny Sardinian hotel laying out on the beach during the day and promptly changing into my whites for night time service. Never in my life would I think that I would be interning at a restaurant where the cooks would be going insane over 16 covers. It was all pianno pianno (slowly slowly) last night for service as we precisely cut the chives and garnished dishes for a dining room of (gasp) 3 people.

It is just a different type of lifestyle here though, were standing around is actually better than frantically trying to get food out or pushing dishes through the dishwasher. I am going to have to get used to this "Pianno" life.

So, I asked what time to be at work tomorrow and they said 5 with a shoulder shrug. I pack up my knives and they tell me 7 am. ok sounds good. nevermind 8, well maybe 9, no how about 10.

I go to the cafe this morning for a cappuchino and show up at 9:30 in the kitchen in my whites, I figure a happy medium. They laugh c'e catso?? and I come back to 5 pm.

Welcome home, where the weather is beautiful, the food is bounissimo and the beaches are pristine but where I never know what the hell is going on.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

last day of school and night in Turin!

Ciao Tutti!

As you may know Friday was the last day of school and our final exams. We cooked for 5 chefs this time and I had the main course. It went really well and they all seemed to really like it. I got to cook for one of the judges that will be hosting the Girotonno event so that was really cool.

I am starting to pack all of my stuff and it is def. a little bittersweet. I still can't beileve I will be heading out in just a couple of days. The remaining people from cascina and I went out to an outdoor nightclub last night called Cacoa. It was really fun, I have never seen that many people in one place in my entire life! I'm glad I got to spend one more night with everyone until we all head our seperate ways. So far I have gotten an invitation to come stay with friends in Peru and Chile. I hope one day I can take them up on that offer!

As for tonight, we will be grilling a little bit and just hanging out. I'm glad that I have a couple of days to relax before I start working again. Buon Giornato and Ciao!