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Welcome to "Blogging from the Boot", Where you can read all about my adventures spent in Italy. I will be attending the International Culinary Institute for Foreigners in beautiful Costigliole d'Asti. Along the way I will be cooking, eating, learning, and all around submerging myself in the rich and delicious culture of Italy. Mangia Mangia!

International Culinary Institute for Foreigners in Costigliole d'Asti

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

back in Italy...and happy that I am "home"

Hi everyone!

We all got in from the Bergamo airport late last night....picked up the rental car and spent another three hours travelling home to Costigliole. It was quite a trip. We had some of the worst and best food I have ever eaten. I gotta say, being a tourist can be worth it but then there are other times where you either feel robbed of time and/or money. The dinner we had on Saturday night was one of these experiences....I can easily say it was the worst food. ever. But while the 6 of us were all sitting around the table, Americans, Russians, Peruvians, all walks of life was one of the best times I have had.

We started off our trip at a Paella place on the water. The food was really good and the paella pan could fit a small car inside of it, not to mention the copius amounts of tapas and sangria we ingested before hand. Dinner started at 11:30 pm and didn't end until 1 am, just when people were starting to go out for the evening. We attempted to go to some bars but in the end all decided to turn in for the night and rest for all of the museums/walking we would be doing the next day. We visited the Sagrada Familia, which is the behemouth curch Gaudi started building in 1882, and which is supposed to be finished by 2025. It was one of the most spectacular sites I have ever seen. We then walked up to the three crosses, which is a park Gaudi designed at the top of a large hill over looking all of Barcelona and the sea, his house is also located here.

By Sunday we were all pretty exhausted, and nerves were running high. I think I will spend this week catching up on my sleep and studying, we have another exam tomorrow morning so wish me luck! Ciao everyone!

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