Buon Giorno friends and family!

Welcome to "Blogging from the Boot", Where you can read all about my adventures spent in Italy. I will be attending the International Culinary Institute for Foreigners in beautiful Costigliole d'Asti. Along the way I will be cooking, eating, learning, and all around submerging myself in the rich and delicious culture of Italy. Mangia Mangia!

International Culinary Institute for Foreigners in Costigliole d'Asti

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Brazilians were hanging out on the balcony again last night so you know what that means....Wine will be flowing!! Another amazing night at Cascina Solaria. This morning was a little rough, but nothing an espresso and a croissant can't fix. Class went well today, We have a Master Sommolier as our dining room teacher so we went over the correct Italian way of dinner service. It is very precise and oriented much on the details of serving vino. I am ready to be back in the kitchen though. Tomorrow we are making all different sorts of pizza and various types of breads. We have a fully functional wood burning oven that dates back to the former tennants of the castle. We also have a stack oven with pizza stones built in. Fun equipment to work with for sure!

This weekend is the second largest wine festival in the world held in Verona. I would love the chance to go although accomadations are limited and driving is kindof an issue considering it is 3 hours away. Instead my roomate and I were thinking of spending the night in Milan on Friday, then heading to Torino on Saturday to meet up with my friend Danny I met in Rome two years ago for a birthday party. Not at all a bad way to spend a weekend! (PS: best quote of the night coming from "The Russian" about the craziest drinking game I have ever heard of---"You must fill a fishbowl full of wodka, Pass around circle and fill more wodka. Then, whoever finishes this wodka wins!" Wow, I wouldn't last two minutes.


  1. keep the updates coming alice...
    its a great read! im living vicariously through your experience out there =)

  2. I had some cheap chianti the other night and thought of you. Not exactly sure what that means, but we thought of you none the less! Sounds awesome. We may grill pizza this weekend. Our grill will have to do! Love you!

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