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Welcome to "Blogging from the Boot", Where you can read all about my adventures spent in Italy. I will be attending the International Culinary Institute for Foreigners in beautiful Costigliole d'Asti. Along the way I will be cooking, eating, learning, and all around submerging myself in the rich and delicious culture of Italy. Mangia Mangia!

International Culinary Institute for Foreigners in Costigliole d'Asti

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Let me begin with one thing. Learning to drive a stick shift Fiat is not an easy task. Thankfully the Brazillians were here to navigate. Milan was amazing. Seeing the Duomo as soon we got there was amazing. We went to a night club that was insane. Everyone was dancing and not caring. I think I burned off every single calorie I have ingested in the past week (which was not an easy task considering I have never eaten so many carbs in my life). The hostel we stayed in was clean and packed with German girls. I haven't slept on the top bunk since I was 5 but at least I layed my head down that night because I needed it.

Yesterday we toured the Duomo and got all of our stuff stolen from us. Thankfully for me it was only one nights outfit and my cute leather pumps :( Oh well, at least it wasn't my passport and money like Thyrso. I also find it funny to have someone rent a car, then when you are trying to return it, the office is closed. I called and called and then realized I might as well take advantage of the situation and go to Lake Como with my roomates. Ciao for now.

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